Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Projects

I have been a sewing maniac since I got my Bernina. Which is good. I tend to have crafting ADHD. I get started on a project, then before I finish it I get so excited about I new project that I move on before I finish the first project.

This little bag is an idea I got from Corinnea. It's a lunch bag gift bag. I am making them for family gifts for Christmas. I have a ton of Christmas fabric that has been sitting around feeling neglected that will finally get used. It is done except for the button, which I went to Joann to get, found one and thought I bought it and got home and it wasn't there. I hadn't paid for it either. It may have fell of the counter when I was checking out. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted it to be completely done. There's always another day...

This is my first wee bunny. It is made from scraps from Keara's corduroy dress and matching minky. I have named her Dotty and she is almost done. I need to figure out how to stitch the back closed and still look nice, and then give her a face. She already has a fan club. The fan club did enjoy trying to pull the stuffing out of Dotty, so maybe fan clubs aren't such a good idea. I think next time I will try some interfacing in the ears so they stick up instead of being so floppy. I would have attempted finishing her today, but I had a horrible migraine. I think brought on by watching the last Presidential Debate. When ever Obama opens his mouth my blood pressure rises to extremely high levels and I get the urge to vomit. Generally followed by a headache. I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted and the migraine was completely gone within 2 hours. That is such a miracle!! It normally takes medication and lying down in a cool dark room for several hours and then slowly recovering. Who has that time with a 13 month old running around?


Jenny P. said...

yeah!! You did such a good job! And Keara...she so reminds me of EMily. SHe's tiny but has creases in her upper thighs! Emily still has lines there and she is right now wearing 18-24 mo pants (she's 3years old FYI!!)

Gma Jilli said...

Yeah for Margaret....getting those creative juices flowing. Pace yourself...and get yourself a good pin box with a lid or strong magnet. Pins in carpet are hard to find and little feet pick them very easily. Ashley got one clear up her heel when she was 3. But I still sew and she can walk. Maybe it was our trip to the ER to have it removed....kisses to Keara and you