Monday, October 6, 2008

Is there something in my teeth?????

Keara loves to have her picture taken and lately she loves to show off her teeth! She really reminds me of her dad when she smiles. They both squeeze their eyes almost closed and she likes to scrunch up her nose. She is such a happy baby. She smiles all the times and she likes everybody. She has learned throwing tantrums, usually revolving around having the cell phone or remote taken away. Thankfully there aren't many and don't last long. The main time she cries is if I walk out of the room or go through the baby gate. I can understand her being upset if she can't see me. Her dad left and hasn't come back and she probably realizes it. Unfortunately, you can't really explain to a one year old that he will be coming back. What I don't understand are the melt-downs when she can still see me, but I am on the other side of the baby gate. She never used to care when we had it were she was just in the living room. If she could see me she was fine. I guess now she has to be able to touch me. It kind of makes me wish I could read minds for a day and see what she is thinking as she does these things.


corinnea said...

I want to hug her!!!!!!! So is so very very cute.

I think you are doing everything possible to make her life happy and so even though she does miss her dad and doesn't know why he's gone, she will be ok.

Jenny P. said...

she does look like him when she does that!! So stinkn cute!!

Jenny P. said...

you've been tagged. go to my blog for instructions:)