Monday, October 6, 2008

Keara's room

Jenny P. inspired me to work on Keara's room. I went to Michael's today and found these wall decals I have been looking at for 50% off. I really like how they turned out!! Keara helped me put them up. When she wasn't standing on the piece I needed, or running off with it, she helped to pull the backing off after I put it on the wall. They were just like rub-ons, and made of vinyl. They are repositional too. Tomorrow I am going to put up some embroidery hoops with fabric in them over her crib and a shelf.


Jenny P. said...

oh Margaret! These are adorable and look like you painted them!!And score on the 50% off! Really cute furniture too. I wish I could come over and the girls could play:)

sasha said...

ooooh! so pretty!!! Her room is just too sweet!