Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goose eggs and road rash

Keara has been walking for 4 1/2 months now, but she can still be clumsy on her feet. Poor baby took a spill in the drive way today and gave herself a goose egg on the forehead and road rash on her cheek and corner of her eye. The bump is in the same place she fell and bruised her head at the beginning of the week. Yesterday, she fell on the hardwood and gave herself a fat lip! She must have inherited it from me. If there is a door jam I will run into it, if there is nothing in my way I can still trip over it. My poor knees are more a shade of purple from all the scraped knees I had as a kid. Maybe I should enroll her in ballet classes and hope she can learn some graceful movements she won't learn from me.


corinnea said...

Poor baby, poor you.

Jessica, at the same age, fell on her face so many times I was afraid for her lips!

Jenny P. said...

ahhh so cute though! What an angel. albeit an ungracful one:)