Friday, July 25, 2008

My Poor Baby!!!!!!!!

The Drama Queen

The Tooth....never before captured on film.

This must be bad mommy day. I was just reading Sasha's haircut post earlier and laughing. I think we have all had bad haircuts, sometimes given to us by ourselves. When my hair is short it can be pretty curly and I used to have two chunks of hair that were determined to curl straight out. So, I just cut them off. The next time I got a haircut the stylist comment on what a bad job the previous stylist had done. I didn't tell her it was me.

So, onto my bad mommy story. Keara was playing in the living room and I had gone into the kitchen to get some lunch. I heard a thump and the her scream/cry. This in itself is not unusual. Keara is a bit of a drama queen, well maybe more than a bit. She usually cries at first when she falls down to see what kind of attention she will get from it. This time it was one of those screams that makes you go running to them. Mother's intuition is an amazing thing. I seem to be able to tell which falls really hurt and require comforting, and which ones she is just looking for a reaction. I run over to the front room and there are three blood splotches on the carpet and blood running out of the corner of her mouth down her chin!! My poor baby hurt herself!!! When I got the blood cleaned up I couldn't really tell where it was coming from. I called Brandon and we concluded that she had bit the underside of her tongue with her tooth. Yes, her first tooth finally popped out, and it is sharp! I have been trying to get a picture of it, but she always sticks her tongue out! After her initially crying she seemed fine and wanted to get back to playing instead of having the blood wiped off her face. After she got up from her nap I was able to see that it wasn't her tongue, but that little flap of skin inside your upper lip that connects to the gums. I looked where she had fallen and under the couch was a wooden block. I think she fell while chewing on the block and the corner cut her. It doesn't seem to bother her. After biting me once with the new tooth (resulting in me screeching, and her then having a meltdown) she nursed fine and then ate some cottage cheese.

It is so hard to see your baby get hurt. I know this isn't the last time that she will fall down and scratch herself. She has many bumps and bruises ahead of her. I just have to be there to help her avoid what I can and comfort her when I can't.


Kelly's Korner said...

Poor baby! Yeah, there will be more... and she will bounce back. I love that line on the new Batman Begins "why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

Jenny P. said...

Ava's 1st tooth just poked through too!!