Friday, July 25, 2008

babies and cats

It's amazing how cats and babies are similar. They both eat, sleep, poop and play all day. They also contort themselves into crazy, uncomfortable looking positions while they sleep. This is how I found Keara this morning when I woke up. Maybe babies are still used to the cramped quarters from when they were inside. She has this whole big crib to sleep in and I usually find her in one of the corners. I wouldn't be able to move for the rest of the day if I had slept like this. Cats sleep in all kinds of crazy ways too. The favorite of JuBe is to be stretched out with his top half facing one direction and the lower half twisted at the waist 180 degrees the other direction. I thought I had a picture of him doing this, but I can't find it. That might have been from the pre-digital days.

Talk about having a crick in the neck!!!


Jenny Bean said...

I have had some serious "REALLY" you want to sleep like that moments with all three of my kids. They are amazing little creatures.

Kelly's Korner said...


Jenny P. said...

oh my god that is too funny! really really cute! And those pajamas..!