Monday, July 14, 2008

Black eyes and Prune feet

My poor little munchkin got her first black eye (hopefully her last). Well, it is not quite black, more like pink with a tinge of purple. Learning how to walk can be tough. She was walking from the couch over to the t.v. and started to lose her balance and the last couple of steps were quicker and then she tripped and plowed head/eye first into the TV stand. She cried for a little bit and wanted cuddles and then went back to playing. Kids are such resilient little creatures. They don't let much keep them down. If I had done that I would not have bounced back so quickly.

I don't know what it is about her feet, but she always gets prune feet in the bath tub or pool. Even when she has not been in that long. Nothing else gets wrinkly, just the feet. She absolutely loves to take baths and would probably stay in for hours if we would let her.


corinnea said...

Even with a little bit of bruising, that face it just gorgeous! Good pictures! I miss getting to see her grow!

Kelly's Korner said...

Aww! Don't count on it being the last... Of course Ethan IS a boy... but he has had three black eyes and a nearly severed tongue. And those feet! Ah! So cute! I love baby feet... even pruney ones!

Jenny P. said...

pruney feet and fingers feel gross! still cute to look at but gross when they touch you! at least for me anyway..