Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chunky Monkey - Not Quite

Like most first time moms I worry about everything when it comes to the baby. The current concern is her weight. I noticed that she didn't seem to have grown recently, which is odd considering how much food she eats. She nurses 6-8 times a day, and eats at least 6 oz of baby food at each meal, plus things like toast and cheese. She loves yogurt with fruit mixed in and ricotta cheese. I just bought a baby scale and weighed her and she only weighed a few ounces more than she did a month and a half ago (currently 16 lbs and 3 ounces). I had stopped being concerned about how small she was (she can still fit into some of her 3-6 month clothes) because she was gaining weight at a steady rate. This small of a weight gain did concern me and I made an appt with the pediatrician. In true Tricare fashion I wasn't able to get an appt until 3 weeks from now. So I called back the next day and wormed my way into the doc's schedule. The doctor weighed her and confirmed that her weight gained has slowed compared to previous months, but didn't seem too concerned. He said she just might have a fast metabolism, but to bring her back in a month and they would check her again.

She is in motion ever minute of the day that she is awake. I can't imagine what it is like to have so much energy. I get tired just watching her. She is really getting steady on her feet and is now able to take 5-6 steps without falling down and can stay standing after walking, where before she would always fall down after a couple of steps. She is getting more confident in walking and tries more aften. When it is something really important, like chasing after a cat, she usually drops down and crawls because she is pretty fast at that. She also likes to crawl off in the middle of diaper changes. Sometimes she gets away before I can get the diaper on her and I just pray she doesn't pee on the carpet before I can catch her. Other times she crawls off with her clothes half off. Silly girl!


corinnea said...

Oh the worry!!!! Did I ever tell you about the time I thought one of mine couldn't hear??? I did all the things you have done. I found out, thankfully, that said child had just learned how to ignore me at a very early age! Keep having her checked cause it is better to be safe than sorry. She looks healthy and happy though, so try not to worry too much.

Jenny P. said...

she's relly beautiful! I'd love to see her next to Ava! Ava is over 16 lbs already at 5.5 months! But EMily was exactly like Keara and still is a small girl (she can wear 18-24 month and some 12 monthgs clothes still!). Remember us talking about having a big fat baby? I had one! Ava's legs are so chubby they get caught in the bumbo seat openings so when i lift her out the seat comes with her! I tuely wouldn't have it any other way though. She is so yummy and soft and mine! I'm sure Keara is fine. Hs elooks healthy. Nurses 6-8times??

Jenny Bean said...

Ok listen. I had Michael who was chubby like Ava, Madison who was normal sized as a baby, and Sierra who was (and still is) skinny as a rail. All of them were nursed, and ate regular food at the proper time. Don't worry too much momma, she looks healthy and from what you write does all the things she is supposed to be doing.