Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Myrtle Beach

Yum Yum...apparently sand is quite good tasting. She even tried to eat a shell!

We let her play at the edge of where the water would come up. Occasionally a wave would get her. She was fine in this one until the wave started going back out and she lost her balance. She was fine, didn't cry, plus dad got to her right after she fell over and tossed her up in the air. That always gets a smile and a laugh out of her. Over all she had a blast and she loved to be in the water. Yay!!! I have a little beach bum. She even got a bit of a farmers tan on her arms, despite 60 spf sunblock. At least she doesn't burn like me.


sasha said...

awww, what great pics! I LOVE that you got shots of her as she was falling, poor little cutie! Beautiful pics, beautiful family, beautiful day! Miss you!

Jenny P. said...

I like the action shots too! I can't beleive she's eating sand! The way it sounds when crunched..oh wait, she has no teeth! but still, it's gross! why do they eat weird stuff??