Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fay's Leftovers

We got back from Colorado on Tuesday night to the remnants of Hurricane Fay. It rained all night and all morning long with lots of lightning and tornado warnings. (Yet another reason I don't care for it here. Give me an earthquake, but keep the hurricanes and tornado's!)
Our pool was okay, but my neighbors didn't fair so well. Water drains from the new houses next to us through our backyard and into the neighbors yard which is a little lower than we are. This is the 3rd or 4Th time their pool has flooded and it is an expensive pain to get it cleaned out.

This is the house that borders our backyard. It is empty right now and I hope the people who move in get warned about how their backyard floods under heavy rain. There is a long sheet of plastic, about 2 feet high, between our yards that helps to divert the water to the drain and mostly out of our yard.
The drain is under 2-3 feet of water just past where the small trees are.


corinnea said...

Oh boy do I remember the flooding there! Our first house was situated for the water to rush river like beside the house to a stream. The whole side yard under water. Our second house was on a rise, but the entire street would flood and we would be cut off from leaving or going back. Which ever happened to be the case at the time......

Glad you all are fine!

Jenny P. said...

Hey! I was wondering what happened to you! Why were you in colorado? I don't remmeber you saying...any new pictures of Keara?":)I'm with you on the earthquake thing although they can be very scary-but they last seconds not days!