Saturday, August 29, 2009

The latest in my life

Well, Uncle Sam has spoken once again. What did he say? After less than 2 years here in Fayetteville we have orders to move to Ft. Lee, Va. Did I mention we bought a house here in Fayetteville? The joys of serving your country. The plan is to rent out our house, and rent a house in Va. We plan on getting a house well under our BAH, which probably means smaller than what we have now (which is smaller than what we had in Germany). Time to once again go through the house and get rid of stuff. This move I am planning on thoroughly destashing my craft and fabric supplies. I am planning on a two fold approach to this. First: selling supplies on etsy as commercial supplies (fabric and scrapbooking supplies). Second: making scrapbooking and card making embellishments, and other paper crafting projects (using my new cricut expression and paper and supplies I already have.) The paper crafting supplies I am selling on my new etsy shop  So, the next few months will be fun, seeing what I can come up with on my new toy. Actually spending time crafting again. Maybe I will have a few new craft projects to blog about again. 

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