Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snap, Crackle Pop! and Messy Faces

Brandon and I have both been having a lot of back pain in the last couple of years, and we finally decided to see a chiropractor. I had never been to a chiropractor before and only knew what you see in movies or T.V. You know, the horrible sights and sounds of them wrentching someone's neck and all the popping noises it makes. But, I was willing to give it a try. I have heard people say they have had a lot of luck with chiropractic care. We went in for our evaluations and Dr Karen poked and prodded and then took some X-rays. We went back last Wed. for the results, it was one of those mixed blessing, my back was worse than I thought it would be, but there is hope for recovery. Which is more than I got from any doctor I saw through tricare. My neck only has a six degree curve when it should have a 43 degree curve and there are permanent calcium deposits, there are problems with a couple of vertebrae in the middle of my back, and I have scoliosis in my lower spine. My spine only has a little bit of curve, but it is rotated inside my body. It was strange to see it on the X-rays, but it does explain the horrible lower back pain while pregnant. I have had 4 adjustments so far and they all hurt!! The Dr said I am one of the unlucky few who have a lot of pain with the adjustments. They are no problem for Brandon and he makes some really horrible popping noises. I think part of my problem is just the noise and being scared something is breaking. Especially when the Dr twisted my neck to pop it. I almost cried! I do have to admit I feel better already and am glad we looked into it. I feel better knowing there is a really good chance this will relieve much of the everyday pain. Too bad the care is not covered by Tricare. It is really expensive, but will be worth every penny if it relieves pain. We are even going to have Keara get adjustments. She falls and tumbles so much trying to walk and crawl over things she already has a few things out of place. I want to make sure her spine stays healthy instead of ending up like her dad and me 30 years down the road.

Here are a couple of funny pictures of Keara eating and times she has tried to use the spoon herself. She also like to suck on her hand right after taking a bite and then rubbing it all over her face! Eating is something I do so automatically I never thought about having to learn how to get the food into my mouth and all the coordination that involves. It is so amazing watching this mini person learning how to do all the things that I do without thinking.


sasha said...

Hi! Thanks for the lovin'! I've gotten to like my hair, and know I'll be bummed when it's not the way it is right now! That's the life, never satisfied, huh?
I, too, LOVE that shopping cart! Both of the kids run up and down the hall with it. It came with some play food, but that just isn't as interesting! :)
I'm so happy you got to see the chiropractor, and it's helping you out! My grandpa is a chiropractor, and I use to hate adjustments, but LOVE how I felt after them. I'm so in need of a good adjustment since my pregnancy with Jaden. I feel like an old lady, creaky, sore and broken. Blah!
I hope you have a beautiful week, but how could you not with that beautiful girl of yours! I'm so happy you're loving being a mommy. I hope we'll get to get our kiddos together someday, I miss you! :( Love to your fam!

Jenny P. said...

Hey, I will comment on the picture enlargement thing and your blog probably after work. I'm running late this morning(well, I will be if I dont get up and take a shower!).

Kelly's Korner said...

I LOVE my chiropracter! Life saver! Unfortunately he's moving to Munich ... Anyway, when you're really bad it's normal to have some pain because your body isn't used to the new alignment. I really hope you are able to stick with it and it helps you a lot!

Jenny P. said...

You can't (usually) enlarge a picture if you've moved the photo at all during the posting process. You know, if you decide after you upload a photo that you'd rather it be above another one, etc. That's been my experiance anyway. I "check" (click on)the medium size for photos when I post also. I'm kind of looking forward to Ava eating solids next month only becasue it might encourage Emily to eat vegetables:)

Jenny Bean said...

hey there! I have to say that I have a million pictures of my children with the very same messy faces. It's work, but so great to look back on and laugh. She really is beautiful too! I LOVE her eyes. just so you know, I have posted some dragonflies on etsy and if you want to take a look at the etsy shop you can find it on my blog. If you are interested in different colors for her room let me know K?